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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Spellbound Nails- Glitter Me Gumdrops and Lollipop Princess

I have the distinct pleasure of introducing you to (in case you have missed out on her awesomeness :) ) the amazetastical Spellbound Nails!! (Yes, I just made up a word!)

Being the lucky girl that I am, I actually won her contest, and was able to pick out two polishes from her line inspired by the game Candyland.
First off, one of my favorite games growing up was CandyLand, so I was super duper excited
Secondly, the colors in her polishes are bright and beautiful!
But that's enough from me, let me just show you them!
Just look at the polish bottle. There is a heart stuck on to the cap! I just love when polish makers take that extra little touch to make their polish stand out.

On the left is Glitter Me Gumdrops and on the right is Lollipop Princess.

Glitter Me Gumdrops is a multicolored glitter bonanza, whereas Lollipop Princess is more princessly refined with golds and pinks.

Both are amazing!

Here are some bottle shots just to illustrate how fantastic these are.

Below I have shown how I used these. I tried to do these polishes justice, by pairing them with colors that would accentuate all of the glitters that they both possess.

I paired Glitter Me Gumdrops with Tokyo Pearl and Black on Black, both by Sinful Colors.

I loved this color, because it seemed like whatever color was the base, it seemed to show different glitters. It was almost like I was unlocking new secrets from the polish, (which was super fun, because I love secrets! :) )

I paired Lollipop Princess with Sinful Colors' Black on Black and Ruby Ruby.

I also loved this color, because it was a great pairing of glitters in the polish as well as a polish that you could wear to work and would still be professional in my eyes. It wasn't too out there, but it was still done with a bunch of flair, which I love!

If you want to purchase any of her polishes, go to

Hope you enjoyed this post (I sure did!)

If you want to ask me anything about it, comment in the comments!

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Man glaze!!!!

What can I say about Man Glaze, other than its amazing?!?

Here's my mostly picture post of my winnings of the ManGlaze as well as it's being on my nails under My Spirit Nails' Butterfly Faeries.


Hope you enjoyed

Until next time,

My spirit fingers - Butterfly fairies

I want to start off by apologizing for my lack of posting in the last week or so. I have had two finals, and a cold to get over, so I apologize.
Thanks for you guys for sticking around!

Now back to the blogging!!!

This is Butterfly Fairies by the wonderful My Spirit Fingers!
Do you see how amazing this is?? It's purple base, with purple glitters of different shades and silver butterflies!

To make my mani, which I freaking love, I paired Butterfly fairies with Sinful Colors Tokyo Pearl as the base. I think it accentuated the purple really nicely, and gave you a clear idea of the dispersal of the glitters as well.

In addition, I also wanted to show you guys a different take on Butterfly fairies, so I put it over the matte stylings of Manglaze's ILF (a very raunchy name, yet loved the polish non the less!)

Do you like these pairings?
Comment below!

Today's Butterfly fairies from My Spirit Fingers can be purchased at
This store is off of her facebook page, so obviously go and like her page first! Then you can grab a bottle of her amazing nail polish, at only 8.50 a pop!

Hope you enjoyed today's post
Until next time,

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Valentine's Day/ Single's Awareness Day Indie Polish Post!

I promised you guys that an indie post was coming, and here it is!
Here is my valentine's day inspired post with Love is a Kitten by Nail Potions, and Punk'd Up Betty by Pretty & Polished.

I used Sinful Colors Cream Pink and Let Me Go.

These are both beautiful pinks. Believe me, I am not a big fan of pinks at all, but I love the ways that these polishes look.

Here are the Indies:
Kunimitsu Nail Potions' Love is a Kitten, and Pretty & Polished's Punk'd Up Betty.

The final picture below is my final product. It would be perfect for valentine's day.

The thumb is Let Me Go, with a Cream Pink bow.
Index finger is Love is a Kitten over Let Me Go.
Middle finger is Punk'd Up Betty over Let Me Go.
Ring finger is Love is a Kitten over Cream Pink.
Pinkie finger is Punk'd Up Betty over Cream Pink.

Hope you all liked this! This mani was inspired by valentine's day. Although I don't have a boyfriend this valentine's day, it's still a day to be thankful for all of the love in your lives. It may not be a boyfriend or girlfriend, but it may be your family member, a friend, or even a kind face on a stranger while you are waiting for a bus. Love is all around us in this world; you just got to go out and find it!

Until next time,