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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Comparison Butter London's Scallywag and L.A. Colors Blue Glitter

Hey guys! I know I haven't been on since before Christmas. The reason behind this is that 'tis the season for spending time with the family, so that's exactly what I did. Well and finals. Now both of those are over, so yay! On with the nail polish!

Today's post is based on the fact that one of my Christmas presents was Butter London's Scallywag.

It then occurred to me that Butter London's Scallywag and the L.A. Colors Blue Glitter polish look similar.

Thumb is base BL and tip L.A. Index and middle have the
same base coat as well as ring and pinkie. Middle and pinkie
are BL, index and ring are L.A.

If I am being honest, I ended up liking the L.A. Colors a lot better.
  • Reason #1: The L.A. Colors went on a lot smoother than the Butter London. The Butter made my nails feel rough kind of like sandpaper.
  • Reason #2: L.A. Colors had a more dispersed glitter, whereas the Butter London was more concentrated. I am not a big fan of concentrated glitter, but I am sure it would be great for an accent nail. 
  • Reason #3: L.A. Colors are generally more cheap polishes in the less than 5 dollar a bottle range, so I would rather spend my money more wisely and find a cheaper alternative than on a more expensive polish. 

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it!

Until next time,

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

After Christmas posts will be starting soon!

I have taken off the last couple of weeks to finish finals, and get through the holidays. I should be starting to post again regularly in the next week or so. I am working on making a list of my polishes, so I know what I haven't shown you guys next! :)

Keep your eyes open!

Until next time,

Sunday, December 16, 2012

White for remembrance

The events that took place on Friday in Connecticut were horrific. There was no excuse for that to have happened. There are no words. I pray for the victims' families and friends who have to live on past this ordeal without their loved ones.
In honor of this, I have done a white manicure with NotTooPolished's Water colors on top to pay tribute to those who were lost.

I would like to end this post in a prayer: (from

Almighty Father, eternal God, hear our prayers for Your sons and daughters whom You have called from this life to Yourself. Grant them light, happiness, and peace. Let them pass in safety through the gates of death, and live forever with all Your saints in the light You promised to Abraham and to all his descendants in faith. Guard them from all harm and on that great day of resurrection and reward raise them up with all Your saints. Give them eternal life in Your kingdom. Amen.

12.14.12~ Never Forget


Friday, December 14, 2012

400 blog views!

I am so happy to announce that I am at 400 blog views! I am thinking about having a giveaway soon, but I have way too few followers to start it, so if I can get maybe up to 20 followers by January 1st, we will be having a giveaway!

I am going to have to start putting a couple of things away for the giveaway, and will take pictures of them once the 20 followers happens! :)

Keep your eyes peeled, and hopefully I will be having at least 20 followers by then!

Until next time,

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pixel from Ulta

So this is one of the polishes I grabbed for like two dollars at Ulta a couple of weeks ago! 
It's called Pixel! Isn't it beautiful?

I love this Pixel under Sinful Colors (that I can't remember the name of)

Hope you enjoyed! Hopefully next week after finals are over, I will be able to post more regularly as classes are over.

Until next time,

Monday, December 10, 2012

Liebster Award!!! (I got nominated!)

In case you couldn't tell, I am very excited to be nominated by the lovely Liz behind NotTooPolished for a Liebster award! For those of you who don't know, a liebster award is for bloggers who have less than 200 followers, so for me at four I think I more than qualify! :)

The rules:1. State 11 random facts about yourself.
2. Answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you (and link back to them!)
3. Tag 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers, and ask the, 11 questions. Be sure to let them know you nominated them!

11 Random Facts about Me!
1. I got started in nail blogging after one of my first nail art contests. I took a picture of my nails, and was like "I want other people to see this." And so Go Polish Yourself was born.
2. My favorite color is blue, and has been that way since I was very little.
3. I am a college student, and this blog post is my break from studying for finals.
4. I love the Office, Parks and Recreation, and Leverage.
5. I have a just over a year old puppy. She is adorable!!
6. Ironically, I am not a big fan of lists. :P
7. My favorite season is winter.
8. I was born in England, although I lost my accent.
9. I hate feet! (yuck!)
10. Christmas is my favorite holiday, because everyone just seems to be nicer during the season of giving. People are more willing to give rather than to recieve.
11. One thing that bothers me is the smell of strong cinnamon.

11 Questions from Liz
1. Where do you blog from (bedroom, office, kitchen,) and why that spot?
I actually blog from the kitchen table. The reason being is that I would blog from my bedroom, but I don't get the internet up there. Plus it means that I can be part of the family time while I am blogging too.

2. What was "THE" polish, the one that kicked off your obsession?
That actually is a tricky one, as I have loved nail polishes for a long time. As silly as it sounds with all of the amazing choices out there, I would have to say Savage by Sinful Colors. Since it is a matte color, I was trying to find a top coat to put on it, and ended up finding Indie nail companies, and well, the rest is history.

3. Describe my all time favorite meal.
I think my all time favorite meal has to beef stroganoff. My mom makes it every year on my birthday, and it's made from noodles, sour cream, flour, beef stock, cubes of beef and mushrooms. It is so good, and I swear I could eat that for every meal.

4. There are so many holidays this month- what do you celebrate, and how?
I celebrate Christmas by decorating both sides of my house with lights and garlands, oh and by baking lots of cookies!

5. Tell me about your pets? Or what you would like to have, if you don't have any?I have one dog. She is part retriever, part labrador. She is 100% adorable. :)

6. Favorite type of polish?
I have to say probably NotTooPolished. All of her polishes are wayyyy gorgeous!

7. What one brand polish do you own the most of? How many?

The one brand of polish that I own the most of would have to be Sinful Colors. I think I have over 30 of them, plus they are a good go to brand on a budget.

8. Are you an early bird or a night owl?

I actually am an early bird. It's a learned trait, because I have to get the dog up and take her out in the mornings.

9. What is your biggest polish "lemming"- or as I prefer to call it, your biggest polish crush?

I would love love love to have either Dollish Polish's It's Me a Mario or Girly Bits' Daddy's Little Girl. I am head over heels for them.

10. Do you have IRL friends that share your polish addiction?

I don't think so. However, throughout blogging I have made some friends who share it. :)

11. Share a photo of your favorite mani ever!

And finally my nominees are: 
1. Burgers and Nails
2. Rad Nails
3. Nails Y'all
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5. Nancy Mc Nails
6. Dressed Up Nails
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8. Blood Rose Nails 
9. Nail It!
10. Cool Polish, Bro
11. Kat Stays Polished

and here are their questions:
1. Favorite dessert and why?
2. If you could go to any point in time, what time would it be?
3. How many polishes are in your stash?
4. Favorite all time polish?
5. What is your go to color for nails?
6. If you could meet your favorite celebrity, who would you be meeting?
7. Do you bake or cook?
8. Favorite place you have ever been on vacation?
9. Name one of the blogs or nail art sites that you aspire to be like.
10. If you were stuck on a deserted island, what three colors would you bring?
11. Favorite nail polish brand?

Thanks once again to the wonderful Liz for nominating me! :)

Until next time, 

Friday, November 30, 2012

Indie Nail Rings Part 4 of 4!!!! (Very very picture heavy)

As I am sure you who have been following me know, I have been doing my indie nail rings section, and this is the final installment!!! (So far :P )
Featuring the ever wonderful NotTooPolished!! (Sorry about the exclamation points, I was a little excited :) )
Sinful Colors Savage

Nail ring featuring SC Savage base, and NotTooPolished's the Eyrie on top
NotTooPolished's The Eyrie

NotTooPolished's Freak of a Reindeer

Nail Ring with SG Satsuma base and NTP's Freak of  a Reindeer on top
Sally Girl Satsuma

Sinful Colors Let Me Go
Nail Ring with SC Let Me Go base, and NTP's  She was Hanging... on top

NotTooPolished's She was Hanging... on top

Back shot of NotTooPolished's White Rabbit

Two coats of NTP's White Rabbit

Front shot of NTP's White Rabbit

As always if you want to buy from NotTooPolished, here's her etsy store front:

Until next time,

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Winter-y Nails!

So as most Americans are getting ready for thanksgiving, beginning to brine the turkey, and make the appetizers and sides that can be made beforehand, I was painting my nails. I decided since there is only one day before thanksgiving and I plan to have my nails stay this design for a little while, that I would do them snowy style. So here is my snow nails :)

L.A. Colors Blue Sparkly and Sinful Colors Queen of Beauty
A shot of all of the pretties!

Back shots of Sinful Colors Love Nails and NotTooPolished's The Eyrie

Here are my snowflake nails!!!

Hope you like everything!

Until next time,

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Part 1 of my new posts

Here's my post on Rimmel London's Lycra 378 Posh Trash.
First off, I really didn't know that Lycra made polishes. I wasn't aware that Lycra did anything other than spandex kind of products.
Secondly, it's a b-e-a-utiful color. Elegant, with a nude base. Amazingly simple, wear it everyday to spice your look up!
So I have been talking about it for long enough, so here it is!
I apologize for the uneven nails :(

 It's amazing right?!
The only problem that I had was that it seemed to chip easily. I put on a top coat and it chipped within the hour that I applied the polish. (Maybe I was just doing more that day than normal...)
Still a beautiful polish though. :)

Until next time,

Sorry Sorry Sorry!

I apologize for the lack of posts. There's been school work, and cookies to bake, and lots of cooking, but that's no excuse so I am going to treat you guys to three new posts!!! (Hope that makes up for it!)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Indie Nail Rings Part 3 of 4 (Picture Heavy) (Darling Diva Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra and FUUUDGEE!!)

So this is my post featuring Darling Diva's set of nail rings, including their new Christmas line of polishes, inspired by my favorite Christmas movie "A Christmas Story." So let me present them.....

Here is Fuuudddgge!!! and Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra
Back shot of them, look at all that glitter! 

Swatching stage!

Top Part of the nail ring

Finished Rings :) Base: SC Mint Apple and Snow Me White

Finished Rings :) Base: SC Let Me Go and Fiji

Hope you liked this post. Stay tuned for the final installment of: ...................
INDIE NAIL RINGS (Part 4 of 4)! (Featuring the ever lovely NotTooPolished!)

Oh, before I forget, if you want to purchase any of the nail polishes featured in this post, Darling Diva's polishes can be bought from:

Until next time,

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Indie Nail Rings Part 2 of part 4 (Absolut Lacquer unnamed)

Sinful Colors Fiji
Sinful Colors Let Me Go

 So this is my part 2 of the 4 part series! These are the nail rings that I made out of Absolut Lacquer's unnamed, and Sinful Colors Let Me Go on one, and Fiji on the other.

Hope you enjoy them! (I apologize for the fiji based picture being a little dark, although I think it is still visible how pretty it is~

Absolut Lacquer's etsy page is 

 Hope you enjoyed these, as there is two more parts to this segment, so keep your eyes out for the next installment of Indie Nail Rings!

Until next time,

Indie Nail Rings Part 1 of 4?

This was my first ever nail polish ring that wasn't for myself. I started doing this to show off nail polishes in jewelry form, and this was for Iron Clad Nails so that she could show off her nail polish. This is Iron Clad Nails' Oceans Light over Sinful Colors Mint Apple.

Iron Clad Nails' Oceans Light
Iron Clad Nails' (Back Shot)
Sinful Colors Mint Apple

Shows the details in the polish

More true to form coloring

I hope you find these pictures as amazing as I did when I was making the rings. They were so fun!
As always Iron Clad Nails' polishes can be bought from
Hope you have enjoyed this post~ :)

Until next time,