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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Trio of Ellagee Polishes! Not the Droids You're Looking For, Beam Me Up and the Hottest Spot North of Havana! (Picture Heavy)

Review disclaimer: I was given these polishes so that I could review them. I am expected to give my honest review, in exchange for the polishes.

With that over, I want to start off by saying I love when polish makers have nerdy related collections of polishes. The left and middle polishes in the picture to the right are from Ellagee's Sci-Fi Geeks collection, whereas the right is from her Holographic Hit List! (I love the names!!)
Let's start off with Not The Droids You're Looking For, shall we?
First off, in case you're not a big Star Wars fan, I figured I would break the ice with a clip that I found on Youtube. It is indicative of the real scene but it's Lego (R) so it makes it that much cooler.
Here's the link:
Now that you know where the polish's name comes from, here's the polish itself! Lovely right?

First off, if you love glitter top coats, then you will love this polish. The gold and blue is amazing on the nails (I have a picture below for you to check out on my nails!)
The only downside I could find was that the teal blue glitters were more scarce in the bottle and I couldn't get them out as easily as I wanted. That being said, this is one of those polishes that you don't mind hunting for the teal pieces because once you have them, they look so gorgeous that it was worth the effort! :)

Holy Macro Batman! Would you look at this?!

May the Macro be with you! :P

Below are my pictures of Not The Droids You're Looking For on my nails. I did two coat of the polish over ManGlaze ILF. I think the two work really well together, as the dark teal from ILF accentuates the gold and light teal glitters!

The last thing I wanted to show you with this polish is how perfect it is when it's matted.

I did just the thumb by itself, but you can tell that the matte texture enhanced the natural colors of the glitters and by taking the shine off of them, to me, made it that much more beautiful.

Next we move on to the other polish in the Sci-Fi Geeks Collection: Beam Me Up!

Now that you have seen it, I hope you realize how dazzling this polish is! This polish has a clear base, so it makes this polish very subtle, but DO NOT be fooled! This is a polish that can stand up with the rest of the golds on the market!

To illustrate this, I did a comparison shot of some other famous golds/ oranges!
Starting with my thumb and working down my fingers I have:
Thumb: Ellagee~ Beam Me Up
Index: L.A. Colors~ Wavelength
Middle: Sally Girl~Satsuma
Ring: (Just the base) Sinful Colors~ Unicorn
Pinky: OPI~ Goldeneye

Ellagee's polish is the winner by a landslide!

To me, it's simplicity and beauty all rolled into a polish! :)

To make this even more easy to tell, I have magnified the image, so that you can see the beautiful golden glitters, whether it is in the macro bottle shot on the left, or in the nail shot on the right.

The final polish I have to show you guys is from Ellagee's Holographic Hit List Collection and it's called
the Hottest Spot North of Havana!

Just want to preface the rest of this post by saying this is my favorite holo. That's right I said it! My favorite holo!! That's how amazing this holo is!

Not even mentioning that my favorite color is blue, and my favorite shade is medium blue, not sky, but not navy, that color in the middle; this is still a heck of a polish!

Let me explain, the shade of blue that the amazing lady Laura behind Ellagee has used accentuates the shimmery glittery goodness that is the holo in her polish. This polish to me is like the color of the sky post rain, where it's just calming down after the stormy rain and wind.

This polish is just holo enough that it goes with pretty much anything you want to wear, but not enough holo that you are blinded by your nails when you look at them in the sun. (That has happened to me before haha!)

Just look at these beauties!

Here's my thumb pic which shows what I wasn't able to show before, just how beautiful this holo-y masterpiece is!

These polishes inspired me to do something I don't often do. That is making rings using the polishes!
I used the Hottest Spot North of Havana to make the ring cabochon in the top picture and used all three polishes to make the subsequent cabochons, with the last picture being the final ring product!

Here's Ellagee's store link, in case you want to pick up all of these polishes,
She sells all that I have mentioned on there and you can even buy her nail polish rings that she has made! :)

Hope you enjoyed my post!

Until next time,
Rikya :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

LynBDesigns Eloquent Dust and Kleancolor Chunky Holo Candy

So here is my post on LynBDesigns Eloquent Dust and Kleancolor Chunky Holo Candy.

First off, I really didn't think I would like Kleancolor Chunky Holo Candy at all. I am not what you would call a pink girl. That being said this is a heck of a pink. I figure if you're going to go for pink, you better make it a neon!

I'm going to first start off with the basic picture of this, without flash on the left and with flash on the right.
When I say basic, I don't mean that the polish is basic however; it is one h-e-double hockey sticks of a grey polish! It has tiny grey shimmers in the base, which gives it depth. So beautiful!

Just in case you are wondering where the name "Eloquent Dust" came from, LynBDesigns named it based on the Sherlock Holmes series. Now for me, as for Jennalyn behind LynBDesigns, dust isn't normally classified as 'eloquent,' but one look at this polish and you definitely change your tune. :)

Ever since I got my matte polish (I Love Matte by ILNP) I have become obsessed with matteing (my new word) up manis.

This is a beautiful matted polish. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to show it in this picture, but it still does show those beautiful tiny flickers of grey glitter even when mattified. :)

Luckily, because of the bottle shots, I was able to fully show you the glitters!

Look at all of them!!!
<--------- p=""><---------- p=""><--------- p=""><--------- p="">
(In case you couldn't tell, they are on the left :P)

So here's my second mani!

I took Kleancolor Chunky Holo, treated the polish like a french manicure polish, and painted my nails pink!!!

I do have to say if you are in the mood for a pink, (I mean a robust hot pink) then look no further, it's Candy to the rescue!

My last mani of the day!

I just went nuts and painted all of my fingers in Candy.

Isn't it one heck of a hot pink?

You can grab LynBDesigns' Eloquent Dust and other amazing polishes at her etsy store here:

P.S. She has a coupon code (NIFTYFIFTY) for 50% off of your entire order through Friday! Minimum purchase is one polish of 8 dollars, so it's like getting an amazing polish for 4 bucks!!

As always, hope you enjoyed this post!
If there is anything you would like to see or would like to see more/less of, let me know! I want to hear every idea, no matter how big or small!

Until next time,

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Review of Pretty and Polished Sweet Mint Bath Bomb and I'm Wonka for Willy Nail Polish

First off, this is a review post!
I love doing review posts because:
1) It lets me show you guys new things, such as nail polish and bath bombs in this case,
 and 2) It makes me feel special that people want my opinion :)

So without further ado, here is my review post of some Pretty and Polished products. (By the way, I will be linking to the where you can buy Sweet Mint Bath Bomb and the I'm Wonka for Willy Nail Polish at the bottom).

I recieved this blogger sample in the mail.
First off, I love love LOVE minis so I was super thrilled to get this package in the mail!

Let's start off with the bath bomb. The sweet mint scent is amazing, although I did get more of a citrus-y vibe from it. Nevertheless, the scent would make anyone want to take baths, rather than showers more often. If I could, I would bottle the fragrance and wear it everywhere!! In addition, it made a big difference on my skin.

See below!
So below are pictures of before and after my hands after using the bath bombs on my hands.
Do you see the difference between the two photos? I saw a pretty big difference between before and after.
It made my skin feel smooth and super soft!
Now we should move onto the nail polish!
This is I'm Wonka for Willy! I swear this is one muy caliente polish! (Not just because it is color-changing)
Yes you heard it! Color-changing!!

So I am going to give you what it looks like as is in the bottle.
To the left is the bottle shot. 
I just want you guys to see how beautiful this polish is.  

To the right is a macro shot of the bottle.
I did this so that you guys could see the purple glitters in the polish that isn't so evident in the bottle shot picture.
It's such a beautiful polish~ I just hope I do it justice!

So the polish is colder in the bottle than it is on my nails, so that's why it comes out this beautiful sage green color.
Here's two coats with no top coat.
I just loved the way it came out, so I didn't even bother!

Here's the same mani with a matte top coat! It makes it great! It makes the glitter pop more I think.

So I wanted to show you guys the color changing nature of this polish, so here you go!

I did promise you above that I would link you to these amazing products, so here they are:

Hope you enjoyed this post!
Until next time,

Monday, July 8, 2013

Models Own Beetlejuice Collection

Hey guys! Here's my Models Own Beetlejuice Collection post!!!

So let's get to it!
I bought five of the Models Own polishes and the Ninja Polish from Jenna over at I'm Still Thinking. She is a wonderful lady and let me have these even though they were part of her collection.
(Piece of advice: follow her on facebook @ From time to time she has grab bags. Dear goodness these are amazing things! She often has ones that are way worth your while, with polishes (name brand and indie for like a dollar each!!)

Anyways back to the pretties~
So from the left is:

~Models Own:
     ~Purple Blue
     ~Emerald Black
     ~Aqua Violet
     ~Pinky Brown
     ~Golden Green
~Ninja Polish Pinkerbell
First off, is Purple Blue. As with all of these polishes, they are duochrome, so that off the bat makes them 100% more awesome!

Next would come Emerald Black, but I had such a tough time getting it to show up that I omitted it from this post. Sorry :(

Next comes Aqua Violet! For an easy way to tell the differences between the polishes I have included a mani on the right that has tips of all of the colors. ( Hope this helps!)

Just in case you didn't figure it out, I took a lot of pics with Aqua Violet, because it is just the most beautiful polish. You get the hint of purple, which I swear is like a ninja color, because it pops out when you least expect it.
These pictures I took with Ninja Polish's Pinkerbell. I think the blue base really accentuated the other colors in the polish. The red and yellow pops against the blue background,
yet even the darker blue has a chance to shine as well!
So here are the last two pictures of Aqua Violet (I promise!)
A bottle shot and my nails in all their glory! :)

Next we have Pinky Brown. Ladies and gents, if you need a more subdued color, more for work, but still enough glam for a party, look no further than this color!

It is full on amazing stuff! As with all of these colors, two coats make your nails look like a million ruby colored dollars!

I also wanted to show the difference with and without flash. I think the brown comes out a little more with the flash and the red is more prominent without.

And lastly, (but not leastly) we have the Golden Green shade! First off, it reminded me very much of the OPI shade Just Spotted the Lizard, although this is a lighter and brighter shade than that.
What I loved most about this shade was that it was far easier to see the duochrome and capture it by picture than the other five.

You can definitely tell the gold notes in this polish without even skipping a beat, (which makes the blogger in me smile, because that is the WORST thing in the world: when you can't get a nail polish to look the way you want on camera. )

Once again, I love doing side by side shots of polishes, with and without flash. It shows the polish's versatility in differing amounts of light.

Just look at the two pictures and try to tell me that this is not one heck of a polish~ Come on, I dare you! :P

Anyways, hope you can forgive me for the delay in posting this! It was a lot of pictures to go through.

Hope you enjoyed this post and hope you keep reading and following my posts!

Until next time,