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Friday, November 30, 2012

Indie Nail Rings Part 4 of 4!!!! (Very very picture heavy)

As I am sure you who have been following me know, I have been doing my indie nail rings section, and this is the final installment!!! (So far :P )
Featuring the ever wonderful NotTooPolished!! (Sorry about the exclamation points, I was a little excited :) )
Sinful Colors Savage

Nail ring featuring SC Savage base, and NotTooPolished's the Eyrie on top
NotTooPolished's The Eyrie

NotTooPolished's Freak of a Reindeer

Nail Ring with SG Satsuma base and NTP's Freak of  a Reindeer on top
Sally Girl Satsuma

Sinful Colors Let Me Go
Nail Ring with SC Let Me Go base, and NTP's  She was Hanging... on top

NotTooPolished's She was Hanging... on top

Back shot of NotTooPolished's White Rabbit

Two coats of NTP's White Rabbit

Front shot of NTP's White Rabbit

As always if you want to buy from NotTooPolished, here's her etsy store front:

Until next time,

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Winter-y Nails!

So as most Americans are getting ready for thanksgiving, beginning to brine the turkey, and make the appetizers and sides that can be made beforehand, I was painting my nails. I decided since there is only one day before thanksgiving and I plan to have my nails stay this design for a little while, that I would do them snowy style. So here is my snow nails :)

L.A. Colors Blue Sparkly and Sinful Colors Queen of Beauty
A shot of all of the pretties!

Back shots of Sinful Colors Love Nails and NotTooPolished's The Eyrie

Here are my snowflake nails!!!

Hope you like everything!

Until next time,

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Part 1 of my new posts

Here's my post on Rimmel London's Lycra 378 Posh Trash.
First off, I really didn't know that Lycra made polishes. I wasn't aware that Lycra did anything other than spandex kind of products.
Secondly, it's a b-e-a-utiful color. Elegant, with a nude base. Amazingly simple, wear it everyday to spice your look up!
So I have been talking about it for long enough, so here it is!
I apologize for the uneven nails :(

 It's amazing right?!
The only problem that I had was that it seemed to chip easily. I put on a top coat and it chipped within the hour that I applied the polish. (Maybe I was just doing more that day than normal...)
Still a beautiful polish though. :)

Until next time,

Sorry Sorry Sorry!

I apologize for the lack of posts. There's been school work, and cookies to bake, and lots of cooking, but that's no excuse so I am going to treat you guys to three new posts!!! (Hope that makes up for it!)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Indie Nail Rings Part 3 of 4 (Picture Heavy) (Darling Diva Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra and FUUUDGEE!!)

So this is my post featuring Darling Diva's set of nail rings, including their new Christmas line of polishes, inspired by my favorite Christmas movie "A Christmas Story." So let me present them.....

Here is Fuuudddgge!!! and Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra
Back shot of them, look at all that glitter! 

Swatching stage!

Top Part of the nail ring

Finished Rings :) Base: SC Mint Apple and Snow Me White

Finished Rings :) Base: SC Let Me Go and Fiji

Hope you liked this post. Stay tuned for the final installment of: ...................
INDIE NAIL RINGS (Part 4 of 4)! (Featuring the ever lovely NotTooPolished!)

Oh, before I forget, if you want to purchase any of the nail polishes featured in this post, Darling Diva's polishes can be bought from:

Until next time,

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Indie Nail Rings Part 2 of part 4 (Absolut Lacquer unnamed)

Sinful Colors Fiji
Sinful Colors Let Me Go

 So this is my part 2 of the 4 part series! These are the nail rings that I made out of Absolut Lacquer's unnamed, and Sinful Colors Let Me Go on one, and Fiji on the other.

Hope you enjoy them! (I apologize for the fiji based picture being a little dark, although I think it is still visible how pretty it is~

Absolut Lacquer's etsy page is 

 Hope you enjoyed these, as there is two more parts to this segment, so keep your eyes out for the next installment of Indie Nail Rings!

Until next time,

Indie Nail Rings Part 1 of 4?

This was my first ever nail polish ring that wasn't for myself. I started doing this to show off nail polishes in jewelry form, and this was for Iron Clad Nails so that she could show off her nail polish. This is Iron Clad Nails' Oceans Light over Sinful Colors Mint Apple.

Iron Clad Nails' Oceans Light
Iron Clad Nails' (Back Shot)
Sinful Colors Mint Apple

Shows the details in the polish

More true to form coloring

I hope you find these pictures as amazing as I did when I was making the rings. They were so fun!
As always Iron Clad Nails' polishes can be bought from
Hope you have enjoyed this post~ :)

Until next time, 

No H8

 Since there has been a outbreak of what seems like hateful talk in the blogosphere, I figured I would paint my nails in honor of the No H8 initiative. So here's my No H8 post, because I feel like all of us in the nail polish world should stick together and not be hateful or spiteful.
This bullying issue is very close to my heart. I was emotionally bullied when I was younger, and I still don't feel like I truly got over it. I am still paranoid, and have lower than normal self esteem, but I am a fighter and am getting past this. However, I don't want anyone to ever have to feel the way I did. We must stand up and make sure that others don't have to feel abused and bullied ever. We need to bring positiveness and beauty to this world. :)
Sinful Colors Fiji (Front)
Sinful Colors Fiji (Back)
Sally Hansen Salon Nail Lacquer (white)
Iron Clad Nails High Octane (Back)
Iron Clad Nails High Octane (Front)

So in case you are wondering, Iron Clad Nails is an Indie brand, so this is under the Indie tagline as well, but isn't part of my Indie part series.
If you want to purchase some more like High Octane, she has an etsy site @
Hope you enjoyed this, and remember No H8 is allowed!
Until next time, 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day Special!

So today November 6th is election day, so I thought I would do something special on my nails. Hope you guys enjoy the pictures!

It's daring digits' unnamed blue, NotTooPolished's White Rabbit, and Ulta red. I figure I am covered for either side of the political spectrum~ :)

Until next time,

Monday, November 5, 2012

Indie part 4

Front label
Back shot of Eye of Newt
I was on a swatching roll, so here it is! 
NotTooPolished's Eye of Newt and Holly and the Ivy!

Side shot. How amazing is this?!
Bottom label

This looks amazing, and speaks for itself. The eye of newt is on the left, and holly and the ivy is on the right.
I love them both! Eye of newt reminds me of daisies, and Holly and the ivy definitely reminds me of ivy. I definitely will have eye of newt as one of my go to colors for spring!
Once again, if you want to buy either of these colors, go to

Until next time,