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Saturday, June 22, 2013

NotTooPolished (The Indie brand I have the most polishes of) Review of Dragonstone and Daffodil

This is a review of NotTooPolished's polishes. I love NotTooPolished, because she makes great polishes, which is why she is the Indie maker I have the most of, plus she was one of the first indies that I ever got.
So these are all iPhone pics of my nails, so they are a little grainy.
Hope you can see past this!

First off, we start with Not Too Polished's Dragonstone. It's a beautiful black jelly base with bright red glitter.

It makes feel like a rocker/bad ass when I wear it, so if you want to feel like a badass on a regular basis (whenever you paint your nails) I suggest this one.

This polish does take at least two coats though, so keep that in mind.

Onwards we go to the opposite side of the spectrum: the wonderfully spring-timey color of daffodil!

So for all you who don't know, daffodils are a flower that blooms in the very early spring.
They are a bright yellow petaled flower with a inside cup looking part that is generally darker yellow/orange color.
(They always remind me of one of the plants in the plants vs. zombies game) :P

Anyways, I wanted to show you a comparison of the colors that you can expect from Daffodil.
(In advance, excuse my nails, they are breaking like crazy for some reason, so they are sad nails :( )

On my thumb is one coat of Daffodil. You can see that it is a very sheer polish, but it gives a lovely hue of yellow.

On my index finger is one coat over white and my middle finger has two coats over white. You can see the big difference that an extra coat makes!

So I wanted to show case some other of Not Too Polished's polishes. On my index is Eye of Newt and on the middle finger is Freak of a Reindeer.

I love both of these polishes~
First off, Eye of Newt is also a great polish because it fits in with the spring theme. The yellows and greens are spring colors to a tee. :)

Freak of a Reindeer is amazing because it elevates brown polishes that often are classified as boring. It has many dimensions as there are different shapes and colors of brown and gold glitter in it.

Below are some other pictures I took of just plain Daffodil with Freak of a Reindeer as a topper.

You can grab these polishes at NotTooPolished's Etsy page here:

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Until next time,

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