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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Review of Pretty and Polished Sweet Mint Bath Bomb and I'm Wonka for Willy Nail Polish

First off, this is a review post!
I love doing review posts because:
1) It lets me show you guys new things, such as nail polish and bath bombs in this case,
 and 2) It makes me feel special that people want my opinion :)

So without further ado, here is my review post of some Pretty and Polished products. (By the way, I will be linking to the where you can buy Sweet Mint Bath Bomb and the I'm Wonka for Willy Nail Polish at the bottom).

I recieved this blogger sample in the mail.
First off, I love love LOVE minis so I was super thrilled to get this package in the mail!

Let's start off with the bath bomb. The sweet mint scent is amazing, although I did get more of a citrus-y vibe from it. Nevertheless, the scent would make anyone want to take baths, rather than showers more often. If I could, I would bottle the fragrance and wear it everywhere!! In addition, it made a big difference on my skin.

See below!
So below are pictures of before and after my hands after using the bath bombs on my hands.
Do you see the difference between the two photos? I saw a pretty big difference between before and after.
It made my skin feel smooth and super soft!
Now we should move onto the nail polish!
This is I'm Wonka for Willy! I swear this is one muy caliente polish! (Not just because it is color-changing)
Yes you heard it! Color-changing!!

So I am going to give you what it looks like as is in the bottle.
To the left is the bottle shot. 
I just want you guys to see how beautiful this polish is.  

To the right is a macro shot of the bottle.
I did this so that you guys could see the purple glitters in the polish that isn't so evident in the bottle shot picture.
It's such a beautiful polish~ I just hope I do it justice!

So the polish is colder in the bottle than it is on my nails, so that's why it comes out this beautiful sage green color.
Here's two coats with no top coat.
I just loved the way it came out, so I didn't even bother!

Here's the same mani with a matte top coat! It makes it great! It makes the glitter pop more I think.

So I wanted to show you guys the color changing nature of this polish, so here you go!

I did promise you above that I would link you to these amazing products, so here they are:

Hope you enjoyed this post!
Until next time,

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