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Monday, August 12, 2013

First ever JAMM! Look inspired by a Katy Perry song?

This is my first ever Just Another Makeup Monday post, so I figured I would give you kind of two looks for the price of one!
See if you can guess what this look is called!

First off, before I show you the look (s), I want you to see my makeup haul!
I bought these four items: Eyeshadow Duo, Black Eyeliner, Shiny Lips Lip Stick and Volume Mascara...

and got all those circled in green free! It was part of a promotion; all you had to do was buy 20 dollars worth of Ulta Brand products, and you got all of the stuff circled for free! =]

I wanted to first show you the two lipsticks that I used. Here's Cappuccino! It's a beautiful brown color. Considering I didn't have a great brown, I was so thrilled to get this for free! 

Look at this shimmer!

Red with golden shimmer: Meet Rome!

Look at the two; they are muy caliente!

So here's my look(s)!
Let me give you hints for what I called this look is called:

~~1) It's a song by Katy Perry
(She's one of my favorite celebrities, because she just is who she is and doesn't care what other people think :) )
~~2) You're ____ _____ you're ____; You're yes and you're no, You're in and you're out..."
(If you don't get it, don't worry! I will tell you at the end of this post!)

So now I will just let the pictures speak for themselves!

So in case you couldn't tell I am a little wierd and that's my fake moustache in one of the above pictures! =]

So the name of my look was: Hot and Cold!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Until next time,