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Friday, August 23, 2013

Polish Party Friday :Nicole by OPI- Blue Lace and Sephora X- Chaotic (A little picture heavy! :D )

 First off, I want to ask you guys a couple of questions.
One: Have you ever painted your nails based on something that caught your eye?
Two: Where do you get your inspiration for manis from?

Let me explain:
Yesterday I was making earring tops (decorating the glass piece that would fasten on to the post).
I made one with a couple of polishes and then realized that that would look really good on my nails!
That's how today's Polish Party Friday mani came about!

 First off, I just painted my nails with NOPI- Blue Lace...

It's one of my favorite blues (and since I am a bluey- blue girl, that's saying a lot!)

Then I figured it needed a little extra flair.
That's where one of my babies came in....
Meet Sephora Z- Chaotic

You want to know something funny? I actually bought this polish from a blog sale, because of My Boyfriend Hates Makeup!
She had a post up a while ago in which she had a whole bunch of black and white top coat polishes, and I realized that I did not have a single one, so I had to pick this one up. :)

Hope you liked this post!

Until next time,
Rikya =]

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