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Monday, January 7, 2013

Comparison of Sinful Colors Hottie and Sally Girl Unnamed Blue Glitter

 Firstly, I want to sing the praises of this little pink bottle. I use it for my top coat when I just have *blushes* naked nails. I also use it as a base coat before I put any polish on my nails. It prevents a lot of discoloration too. I seriously am so glad with this polish.

Now onto the main show!!! I compared the small Sally Girl unnamed, and Sinful Colors Hottie. From the bottle shots, you can see the similarities, although Hottie is far darker than the Sally Girl. 
I figured I would show you guys some more bottle shots of the colors I used under the comparison polishes. 
Index and middle: Love Nails SG and Hottie respectively
Ring and pinkie: Ocean Side SG and Hottie respectively
Thumb: Naked nail, Hottie on top, SG on the bottom

On the left is the oh so beautiful "love nails." (Aptly named haha)
On the right is ocean side, a lovely color.

Both of the comparison colors are very close. They both go onto the nails very easily with only one or two coats being full coverage. Relatively speaking, SG only cost a collar but gets you 5.3 ml of polish, whereas not on sale Sinful Colors is two dollars but gets you 15ml. Personally, Sinful Colors would be my choice as:
1. It is more cost effective, and
2. You can buy Sinful Colors pretty much anywhere, whereas sally girls are mostly sold at Sally's Beauty Supply.

Hope you enjoyed reading this!

Until next time,

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