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Friday, January 25, 2013

Naughty Nails Contest (Warning: a little risque!)

So I found a nail art contest on Facebook that has a whole bunch of sponsors like Different Dimension and Above the Curve so I figured since I need some practice at nail art I would enter and give it a go. (Worst thing that happens is that I get some experience.)
Here's my picture!
I didn't want it to be overtly sexual, I just wanted it to be risque and suggestive enough to enter. Bear with me: it is supposed to resemble a barely clothed lady, with a sensor bar covering her chest and a strawberry covering her "nether regions." I also did kiss marks down her stomach and the pinkie nail is supposed to be all x's, like XXX.

Hope you guys enjoyed this and that it wasn't too offensive for anyone of you! I figured putting the warning in the post title would make sure that if people weren't okay with the content then they wouldn't accidentally see something that they didn't want to see.

Until next time, 

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