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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Inspiration from facebook and sprinkles?

As most people do,  I was browsing pages on facebook. Most of the time they are nail related, but sometimes you just need something to make you laugh you know? I stumbled across this page called 9 To 5 LOL, scrolled through the mountains of funny pictures and came across this little gem on the left:
I then thought to myself, "how awesome would that look on your nails?" And so my sprinkle nails were born.
It's really not difficult to do, so I hope you can do it too! :)
That would make my day to see someone recreate my nail work!
Anyways, on to the nailtastics...
To the right are all the items I used.
Step One: Paint all of your nails white. It will serve as a good base coat.
Step Two: Take your favorite clear and paint your thumb nail with it. Do step three before it dries.
Step Three: Place your nail in a shallow bowl filled with the sprinkles, and then make sure they cover the nail adequately. (Shown at right)

Your finished product will be the picture on the left; however you can take it a step further by adding dots to finish the colorful look like the picture on the right!

Hope you enjoyed my brief tutorial!

Until next time,

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